Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Smug Mummy Moment

I was tired today, and grumpy, and found my kids very irritating, even though they were behaving very well. I decided to try and do something nice, so when I picked Mapera up from Kindy we went to a couple of shops, then to the library.

I was walking down the street, watching Mapera skip along in the sunshine, with her little sister galloping to catch up and I thought how lovely it all was. We went into the post shop and I walked to the counter pushing the buggy, thinking about what I needed to do when I heard rustling. Like little hands rummaging through a basket of interesting sparkly things.

I turned around ready to bark "Hands off!" and I saw my two precious girls standing next to the Basket of Temptation with their hands clasped behind their backs as they watched two other kids pulling all the shiny pens out of the sparkly notebooks. I was so proud and amazed that I finished up at the counter, then knelt down with them in the middle of the shop and told them how proud I was and how great I thought they were.

We all skipped back to the library and they got 2 books each and a Super Good Bonus star on their star chart at home.

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