Friday, November 27, 2009

Farewell and so long

I contacted Vodafone to find out if I could get wireless phone and internet through them, and was assured by a couple of different people that we could get wireless broadband at our new address.

I phoned today to sign up and get started and the girl I spoke to told me that I could NOT get broadband where we are going, that I had been incorrectly informed before. Grrrr!

So, we will have a telephone, but no internet connection. I am more annoyed that I was misinformed than the fact that I will be offline. When we first looked at moving out to a rural area, I was fully prepared to do without internet access, so it was a bonus to be told I could have it after all. Now I am back where I started.

I should be able to get to the local library or internet cafe once a week for checking emails and the like, but I don't like doing internet banking on a public computer, so I am going to have to sign up for phone banking I think. Such a pain cos internet banking is SO much less hassle.

So this is my last post for a while. What with the move, Christmas and the new baby, I won't have time to head out to internet cafes for a while, and I'd like to sort my household budget out too to see how much I can afford to spend each week too. Thank you to everyone who read my little blog and keep in touch! I will be checking my email, but don't expect a quick response. Contact me for a phone number if you need to get in touch quickly.

This is me, signing off the internet.

Monday, November 23, 2009


4 sleeps to go!

The cleaners are on site today, so it's looking like our final walkthrough on Wednesday should go smoothly. We are organising people and vehicles to shift the bulk of our gear down on Friday, and depending on time and inclination we will be back at the in-laws for Friday night, then off for good on Saturday!!

This means, however, that I am going to be without an internet connection for at least a few weeks until we figure out who we're going with and what sort of deals we can get down there. I will check my email at the library if I can, but that is going to be sporadic at best.

I think it is safe to assume I will be offline until Christmas, possibly til after sprog is born, so if anyone wants to get hold of me, contact me before Friday for my phone number.

I will post photos of the finished house on Wednesday, then that will be it for a while!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Concrete crazy

The Ratcliffe team was onsite today with some extra help, pouring, leveling and shaping concrete for a huge deck out the front, and a nice ramp and path out the back.

We found out that the electrician had put a screw right through the pipe in the bathroom when he fitted the lights, so now we have some holes to sort out. Project Manager is onto it though, and it won't take much to fix it up fortunately.

Finally though, my kitchen is FINISHED!!

The last stages

Firstly the electrician came in to fit the appliances and the last few sockets and switches.
Kitchen is done and so is the fire and wetback. The plumber stuck a MASSIVE pipe on the roof to give us enough hot water pressure to be able to run both showers at the same time - this will be vital when we have vistors and when the kids are teenagers!

We got our lovely digger dudes in to move all the topsoil back around the house and level it all out nicely. They also put down some hardfill at the edge of the drive and in front of the house so we can pour a concrete deck out the front, and put a path in at the back door.

We had a bit of a scary leak in the bathroom, so that will set us back a few days while they figure out what's gone wrong and fix it, but we're slowly getting there!