Friday, November 27, 2009

Farewell and so long

I contacted Vodafone to find out if I could get wireless phone and internet through them, and was assured by a couple of different people that we could get wireless broadband at our new address.

I phoned today to sign up and get started and the girl I spoke to told me that I could NOT get broadband where we are going, that I had been incorrectly informed before. Grrrr!

So, we will have a telephone, but no internet connection. I am more annoyed that I was misinformed than the fact that I will be offline. When we first looked at moving out to a rural area, I was fully prepared to do without internet access, so it was a bonus to be told I could have it after all. Now I am back where I started.

I should be able to get to the local library or internet cafe once a week for checking emails and the like, but I don't like doing internet banking on a public computer, so I am going to have to sign up for phone banking I think. Such a pain cos internet banking is SO much less hassle.

So this is my last post for a while. What with the move, Christmas and the new baby, I won't have time to head out to internet cafes for a while, and I'd like to sort my household budget out too to see how much I can afford to spend each week too. Thank you to everyone who read my little blog and keep in touch! I will be checking my email, but don't expect a quick response. Contact me for a phone number if you need to get in touch quickly.

This is me, signing off the internet.

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