Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Branching out and taking risks

Having been completely inspired by my visit to Colin McCahon's house, and the lovely Manager Cynthia, I have been playing more at art club:

Cubist-inspired trees and children

My two little nods to Colin McCahon

Playing with colours and bricks

A little picture for my friend

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fire and Fencing

Tareka and Alec have been down on the farm preparing the fence ready for the new gateway and driveway. We also have permission from one of the neighbours to take water from his supply during building - hooray! The power company have been unusually efficient so the power should be at the boundary now, and the phone line has been marked so we know where to dig.
Finally got the engineers reports corrected, so they will be going to the builders ready for the permit applications, and Tareka bought a MASSIVE fire for $3500 woo!

Our Logaire Kronos Multi-fuel stove - heats the house, heats the water and you can cook on it too!