Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blimmin email

Xtra (my email provider) has been taken over by Yahoo (internet overlord). Now I already have Yahoo accounts with attached email addresses, which I rarely use, they are only there because I had to create one to access some services or websites an age ago. I use my Gmail account for online stuff, and my Xtra account for real people only. This prevents spam and viruses getting into my actual PC, and it works very well. I also have a hotmail account, but I am slowly trying to move all the stuff that goes there either to the Gmail or the Xtra one, depending on what it is. Tareka accesses the hotmail account, so eventually, that will be his own internet account which he can use for internetty stuff (not that he uses the internet much anyway).

OK, so NORMALLY when I open up my email program - Outlook - it automatically downloads any new messages from the Xtra server into my inbox and I read them blah blah blah. Today it was having trouble doing so, so I went online to the Xtra site in order to access my Xtra mail direct from their server (which I have done many times in the past, when the connection has been wonky). BUT, as Xtra is now part of Yahoo, the website couldn't seem to figure out that I wanted my Xtra email account, and kept asking for my Yahoo login and sending me to my Yahoo mailbox AAARRGH!! I really couldn't find a way out of it. It makes NO sense to me as they are 2 separate accounts with 2 different passwords, why did it have to keep asking me for the Yahoo one when I wanted to log into the Xtra one??

Bloody Yahoo nonsense.

In other news, we are now officially 39 weeks pregnant, and no sign of baby arriving any time soon. Tareka is off on leave for a month now, so I am getting a lot more help around the house (which is lovely), and a lot more help with Mapera (which is a relief). The weather is starting to warm up so we've been trying to go for a walk whenever we can (which should hopefully get the baby moving too), and we've been cleaning up the garden and pruning ready for spring.

Project-wise I'm knitting hats for everyone I know (it seems!). I bought a cute little pixie hood for Mapera from the charity shop, and decided I'd figure out how to knit one, so I knitted one for a friend's little boy and it was lovely! Thing is, his big sister wanted one - so I made her one - and now his Dad wants one!! It's all good practice for me though, and I'm knitting up my scraps into finger puppets in between times.
I'm going to focus on the knitting until I run out of wool, then (depending on new baby) I'll look at doing some sewing. I may even get onto that around Christmas when my parent's are back as Mum will be able to help then!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well, I'm starting to tidy up the house again now hubby is back on shift. Only another 2 shifts and he's off on paternity leave for a month!
I'm starting to hand over some of my bigger commitments now, as I know I won't have time for them once the baby arrives. After things settle down I want to focus more on projects that will make me money, along with a couple of key voluntary roles that really benefit my children.

SO, the jousting group (Company of the Lance) is on the back burner for the foreseeable future, and the Great Lakes Tournament Market is being arranged by another member (phew, I'm glad that's off my hands at last!).

The Toy Library will be having their AGM pretty close to when baby is due, so I doubt I'll be going. All I need to do for this is write my Chairman's report and letter of resignation. I'll get on to that this week I think.

Mainly Music is now being run by a group of other Mums, but I'm going to go along so BabyM can participate, even if I can't. One of my good friends has offered to take her too, when I can't.

That should free up more time for craft projects as my friend Liz and I intend to start having a regular market stall from around November (depending on how I go with Baby2), so I have a deadline to work to at last. First off is to use up all my wool making finger puppets or other little toys I think. Then I'll move onto sewing.

OH, and we're getting a piano!! I am so excited! We could never really afford to buy one, but on of hubby's relatives are moving overseas and are getting rid of theirs!! I didn't think we'd have room for it, but hubby has worked it out that we do, so I am JOYOUS!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back to the grindstone

Well my wonderful Mum has headed back to the UK for another 5 months, so it's back to work for me! I feel very well rested after her visit though, and I've got my motivation back for getting on with projects and things. Baby2 is now head down and making preparations to enter the world (36 weeks along now), and I'm hoping for a reasonable early arrival (38 weeks would be lovely, thanks!).

Project-wise I'm in the middle of knitting a pixie-hood for a friend's baby, and also slowly making half a dozen wool nappy covers for the newbie. I also have a gift for hubby's Grandma to finish off (it's a 3D picture of a witch as she collects witches), which I should have done tomorrow.
I'm about to hand over the Jousting Tournament organising, as I really don't have the time to devote to it that I did last year, and I don't want to leave it too late before passing it on. We've only had a couple of stalls confirmed, so it really needs someone to start canvassing more potential vendors, and I just don't have the hours in the day to spend doing it.
My scrapping is STILL on hold as I've not really had evenings free enough to work on it, but now Mum's gone, I won't have anyone to chat to when hubby is working, so I'll have no excuses then!

Usana is slowly ticking along, sold another stock item which I think I can safely start ordering in every 2-3 months, as the customer doesn't want to sign up for a monthly account, but will be taking the calcium fairly regularly. He's finding it's preventing his cramp which is a great side-effect I was not aware of, so Mum may well add that to her order too. I've put my autoship on hold for 3 months, as I won't be needing anything til then, and I don't have enough one-off orders to put on it.

Other project updates:
  • Toy Library AGM - Ican't set a date until we've heard back from the Auditors apparently, so that lets me off the hook somewhat.
  • SIL window sign - this is now done!