Sunday, August 12, 2007


Well, I'm starting to tidy up the house again now hubby is back on shift. Only another 2 shifts and he's off on paternity leave for a month!
I'm starting to hand over some of my bigger commitments now, as I know I won't have time for them once the baby arrives. After things settle down I want to focus more on projects that will make me money, along with a couple of key voluntary roles that really benefit my children.

SO, the jousting group (Company of the Lance) is on the back burner for the foreseeable future, and the Great Lakes Tournament Market is being arranged by another member (phew, I'm glad that's off my hands at last!).

The Toy Library will be having their AGM pretty close to when baby is due, so I doubt I'll be going. All I need to do for this is write my Chairman's report and letter of resignation. I'll get on to that this week I think.

Mainly Music is now being run by a group of other Mums, but I'm going to go along so BabyM can participate, even if I can't. One of my good friends has offered to take her too, when I can't.

That should free up more time for craft projects as my friend Liz and I intend to start having a regular market stall from around November (depending on how I go with Baby2), so I have a deadline to work to at last. First off is to use up all my wool making finger puppets or other little toys I think. Then I'll move onto sewing.

OH, and we're getting a piano!! I am so excited! We could never really afford to buy one, but on of hubby's relatives are moving overseas and are getting rid of theirs!! I didn't think we'd have room for it, but hubby has worked it out that we do, so I am JOYOUS!

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