Thursday, October 2, 2008

Toilet Training

Well, I ran out of pull-ups for Mapera yesterday, so I thought we'd try and see if she can go through the night dry. She had a little mishap just before lights out, but once she figured that the nappy was definitely not there, she took herself to the loo 3 times.
I just took her (half asleep) at about 9 and I've got my alarm set for 11pm and 3am - I'm hoping she'll make it to the morning as she tends to wake up around 6.30.

I've told her that this is a trial run, but once we get a dry night (that is, her either being dry all night, or at least going to the loo alone) she can have a prize. We have stamps for dry nights with my help.

Wish me luck!


In other news, I have been making recycled paper out of old cardboard tubes and scrap paper and it's worked!