Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tempus Fugit

November already, and not long til my parents arrive from the UK for a 3 week stay. Dad turns 60 this year, so he'll be here for a big party, along with his brother from Tasmania and my brother from Hong Kong - what an international family we are!
We're going to put down a Hangi for him, which is pretty cool, as Tareka hasn't done it before, so it's a bit of a "coming of age" thing for him to learn how.

Liz and I did our first market stall, and although it wasn't a great success financially, it was good to see how it all works and how we can improve things for the December stall. This one was in Waiuku, and very small so we didn't expect to do very well. Next one is in Pukekohe (bigger town) and has been going a lot longer, so there will definitely be more people there. I've been knitting up a storm, and now have my knitting machine set up so I'll have a decent amount of stock by then too.

The girls are both fine, Mapera is growing up so fast, she's a right little chatterbox (yes, yes just like her mother!), and Kaitereo has started smiling and cooing at us most of the time.

The garden continues to thrive, I'll be adding pictures to the Great Garden Adventure soon.