Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's been a long time!

My Dad reminded me that I have this place and I thought now that darling hubby is back at work after a month off, I may attempt to chuck some more stuff in here.

While you're waiting, consider the evening discussions between me and my girls:

Mummy: Lights out and lullaby time, which song do you want?
Mapera: Quartermasters stores, 2 verses about PEOPLE
Mummy: It will be ONE verse about rats
Mapera: oookaay
Kaitereo: I want HENRY!
Mummy: *sings the quartermasters stores then goes to deal with the baby in the next room*
Kaitereo: Henry
Mummy: *sings the whole of "Henry my son"*
Kaitereo: Henry didn't fix his bucket
Mummy: OH! You wanted "there's a hole in my bucket" not "Henry my son"?
Kaitereo: Yes
Mummy: OK if you can be quiet and stay in your bed while I feed Hakopa I will come back and sing it
Mapera & Kaitereo: YAY!

Time passes

Kaitereo: MUMMY!
Mummy: Being quiet Kaitereo

More time passes:

Kaitereo (quietly): Mummy!
Mummy: *sings the whole of "There's a hole in my bucket" and kisses the girls goodnight*

Kaitereo (as Mummy leaves the room): It's not a very good one.