Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hurrah! Website!

Thanks to THIS wonderful person I have a little corner of the internet all to myself!

It's still under construction and as I am learning html as I go along, it's slow going. BUT IT'S THERE! Let me know your thoughts!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bad Mummy

Well, this blog seems to be a bit of a schizophrenic caper from my life as a Mum, to various ways of attempting to make money.

Today is about parenting. How not to do it.

Bad Parenting 101:
1. Ensure you go to bed late every night (hell, the kids are only going to wake you up anyway!)
2. When your baby wakes every hour, go in and stuff a dummy in their mouth (it's night time, they don't need anything else)
3. When your toddler climbs into bed with you at 4.30am, whisper angrily at them to be quiet every time they say "Mum" (they definitely know they are supposed to just snuggle up and go back to sleep, you've told them enough times)
4. Get up at 6.30am and stomp into the kitchen telling your skipping 2 year old that they can only have cereal (you can't be bothered to follow their usual routine, surely they can deal with that, can't they?)
5. Decide that you will stop giving the baby a dummy on the same day your toddler gets an ear infection, and after you've all had 3 nights of nicely broken sleep (I'll cope, what's one more sleepless night?)
6. Spend 1.5 hours at bedtime repeatedly taking toddler to bathroom for "poos" and waking tired baby (who is suffering from dummy withdrawal) in order to avoid a potential toilet accident, but knowing toddler is really stalling.
7. Give up and give baby the dummy.

Ah, bad parenting at it's finest.

I now have 2 sleeping children - thanks to the Pamol (Calpol) and the dummy.

One good thing to come out of all this, after spending a day getting Kaitereo to settle herself without a dummy, now when she wakes at night, I can leave her for a few minutes and she'll go back to sleep....won't she?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hats available now: (please note sizes are approximate)

Large Green - fits 9 to 12 months

Large Gray (pink ribbon detail) - fits 9 to 12 months

Large Sage - fits 9 to 12 months

Med Multi - fits 6-9 months

Med Red - fits 6-9 months (button fastened)

Med Blue - fits 6-9 months

Med Sage - fits 6-9 months (button fastened)

Small Red Speckle - fits 3-6 months

Small Green - fits 3-6 months

Small Cream, Blue Band - fits 3-6 months

NB Blue Striped - fits newborn

NB White with Lace & Ribbon edge - fits newborn

NB Cream Speckled - fits newborn

NB Gray Speckled - fits newborn

All hats are priced at $10 (that's New Zealand dollars) and include postage within NZ. If you are overseas, drop me an email with your details and I'll send you a price based on current exchange rates, and the cost of postage to your country.

Website on hold

For various reasons, my website for selling my lovely hats is on hold. I've been building a pretty little site in my nice little HTML program, but I have yet to find someone to host it. I can't afford to pay for web hosting, so I'm looking for a freebie (any offers?).
Until then I will post pictures of my hats for sale HERE!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Knitting up a storm

I have my first official order for a pixie hood! A friend in the UK has asked for one for her 8 month old, but wanted it to fit next winter. It's nearly winter here in NZ, but I assumed she was talking about the UK winter :) so he'll be getting on for 15 months by then. I've knitted the hat part, so now I need to do the tie and then sew it all together. It's come out a bit larger than I planned as the wool is a little thicker that I've used before, but it's slightly larger than the one I had of Mapera when she was about 1year old, so it should fit nicely!

The hat has taken just under a week to knit, as I do an hour or 2 a day/evening. The strap should take less time.

I'll ask her to send me some pictures once she gets it!