Thursday, May 24, 2012

My new career path

I've started doing sales again, this time it's for SAYR home ventilation, and we're running it as our own business as a distributor for the Auckland team.

Here's my business plan for June:


Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness

Having been out on over a dozen home assessments, and gained 3 sales, with the anticipatory delight of 3 more fluttering in my heart, I now feel that this is the time to further improve my product knowledge, and my business training. 
I also believe that the brand of SAYR Waikato needs to be further permeated into the wide expanse of our beautiful slice of heaven in order for more people to benefit from its wondrous delights.
Having contracted one installer through brilliant networking techniques, and with another poised on the brink of diving into the SAYR lagoon, we are also considering adopting another Home Assessor into our warm, but strict SAYR family.
This essay is to discuss what actions I intend to undertake during the month of June to ensure my continued success in these endeavors.

I intend to learn more about my own product, how it works, how it is installed and maintained and how it was created.  To this end, I will contact the inventor and engage him in a complicated discussion of the technical details, then ply him with beer and extract company secrets for my own nefarious ends.  I also intend to contact our competitors and extract information from them in less pleasant ways, but always within the law.  I may need to employ disguises.
Training will need to be undertaken in order to fill any gaps in my knowledge, and ensure I have been selling customers what they think I have been selling for the last 5 months.   I would very much like to undertake a business management course, but with the fees being unaffordable, I have a plan to use my transferrable skills as a mother and housewife to further enhance my already brilliant business acumen (see appendix 1)

I have engaged the services of a local school to increase the advertising within our local area, I intend to expand on that and offer people connected with the school (or just anyone who sees the advert) a Discount and Donation Deal (DDD) where the customer will be entitled to a $100 discount of the RRP at the time of their Home Assessment, and the school will receive $100 as a donation from SAYR Waikato once the installation is completed and the balance of payment received.  Should this prove successful, the DDD will be expanded to other educational establishments, and potentially into more national groups such as Plunket and the Mongrel Mob.

I have been investigating my esteemed Sales Directors constant references to Maori Land Trusts, as I have considerable contacts within Maoridom.  I understand that the correct tikanga for approaching the Kaumatua of our local Iwi is to have a kupu whakataki from a Hapu or Iwi member, or at least some whanau who could whakapapa back to the local Marae.  To go into a Wharenui uninvited would be hakiki and would make us tapu in the eyes of all Maori from that Marae, and connected whanau.  In order for us to be rahiritia we need to ensure we perform the correct tikanga.  I have made some informal inroads with appropriate whanau members, which should start the process.

Finally, I plan to undertake specific training with my Home Assessor and Installers as and when appropriate, to ensure they are properly indoctrinated into the SAYR ethos.  As the winter progresses; advertising, word-of-mouth and general awesomeness will net us at least 4 sales in the month of June, with more to come.

In conclusion, June will be a month of spiritual and business expansion, we will enter the collective subconscious of the people of the Waikato and be the first brand they think of when they wake in their damp homes and despair that the mist and fog has permeated their very souls.  We will be their saviours in home ventilation.

Appendix 1 – transferrable skills

Hostage negotiation
Budget handling and bookkeeping
Teaching of complicated topics within listener’s mental ability
Peace negotiations
Anti-terrorism training