On Wednesday 23rd November 2011 after our Tiny Tots Playgroup session, I will be chopping off all my hair and donating it to Freedom Wigs,

I will also be raising money for the breast cancer charity Sweet Louise and for my local Plunket Tiny Tots Playgroup.

I have a donation button below connected to my Paypal account.  All the funds raised will be tallied up and split 50/50 between Sweet Louise and Tiny Tots.  Please make sure you put "Big Chop" somewhere in your reference, so I don't think you're just randomly giving me money to spend on lollies and vajazzing.

If I raise anything up to $100 I will just lop off the plait long enough to donate to the wig people

If I raise $500 I will get the clippers out and go to grade 4 all over

If I raise $1000 I will get the Gillette mach4 out and go SHINY BALD!

UPDATE! The job is done, over $560 raised so a big thank you to all.  Any more donations I receive after the event will go to Tiny Tots Playgroup only.


austingurl said...

shiny bald!!!!!!!!
I did it, its great.
I will give you dollars when I see you.

Jill Kohn said...

just donated

Harmony said...

Awesome work Louise,just donated :-) best of luck

Harmony said...

Awesome work Louise!! Just Donated Best of Luck

Clair R said...

Fantabulous - 3 very worthy causes in one go - you officially rock in my book x