Thursday, November 12, 2009

The last stages

Firstly the electrician came in to fit the appliances and the last few sockets and switches.
Kitchen is done and so is the fire and wetback. The plumber stuck a MASSIVE pipe on the roof to give us enough hot water pressure to be able to run both showers at the same time - this will be vital when we have vistors and when the kids are teenagers!

We got our lovely digger dudes in to move all the topsoil back around the house and level it all out nicely. They also put down some hardfill at the edge of the drive and in front of the house so we can pour a concrete deck out the front, and put a path in at the back door.

We had a bit of a scary leak in the bathroom, so that will set us back a few days while they figure out what's gone wrong and fix it, but we're slowly getting there!

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