Thursday, February 19, 2009

Project cancelled

You all remember me starting on a secular version of The Marriage Course for a couple I know? I wrote to the original creators of the course to ask permission, so I wouldn't overstep copyright if it got onto the internet, and I was hopeful they would say OK as I wasn't marketing it or publishing it (just an online document I was going to email out to friends).

They said no.

They said
"they have received other requests for a non-religious version and are in the early stages of responding to that need.
they would prefer one ‘civil’ version world-wide and so would discourage other countries from making their own.
they would prefer me to encourage everyone to attend a course as it stands, until the authorised ‘civil’ version is released."

So one less project to worry about I suppose.

1 comment:

littlehouse said...

humbug. still a shame even though its 'one less thing'
Too bad they didn't say 'what a great idea, we're go grateful to you for starting it so here's a huge advance and commission for completing the project'
ah well.