Saturday, February 14, 2009

Moving on up!

We are now moved into my wonderful in-law's house. It's a cosy fit, but we all get on very well, and no one is afraid of speaking their mind, so I'm sure we will manage!

We've had our offer of $160,000 on the land accepted, (YAY!) so we now get the LIM report and contact the council about moving the entranceway!

Our first job is to find out if we CAN move the entrance and, if so, how much it will cost. Got to wait til Monday to do that, then we can talk to the builders and get the ball rolling there. We won't own the property until we have satisfied our conditions and the offer becomes unconditional. That will be 12th March, to give us time to do our research.

Mapera and Kaitereo now have their own room at Nana and Poppas, so it's nice for them to be back to normal (to an extent). They are a little unsettled by the move, but they are a LOT better than I expected. I am treating this first weekend as if we were on holiday, then we'll be back into a normal routine on Monday.

I dropped into the cousins today, and they are home most afternoons, so I think we'll go and see them once a week or so. Aunty Lou told me all about local playgroups and craft groups round here, so there will be lots to do to keep the children away from the television! I have allowed Mapera free reign on Saturday morning when it comes to TV, as she can sit with Nana and Poppa and watch cartoons for an hour. I originally said before breakfast, but she got up so early this morning, I am revising it to after breakfast, and only 1 hour max.
I'm trying very hard to involve her in other stuff during the day, so the TV is not on, but I can't stop her going to sit with her Aunty or Uncle if they plonk themselves down for hours. Fortunately, Uncle only tends to watch sport, so that's not too bad, but I am firm on the "no news or violence, and no violent cartoons" rule. Apart from the obvious scary and horrible aspect of the news, I find Mapera makes stories and games up from things she watches, so I know if she watches things shooting and fighting, that's exactly what she will go and do!

Also going to drop into Kindy to check Mapera's enrollment has been transferred from Waiuku, and we're already registered with the doctor, as Mapera has an ear infection!

It never seems to slow down!!

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Sarah said...

Yay! Seems like stuff is speeding along for you!!!

I love your TV policy.
I'm going to employ the same kind of thing.
There is SO MUCH STUFF TO DO other than watch TV...

You're a ROCKSTAR mum!