Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No time for me

It seems that I do a lot of stuff online. I seem to join everything people send me, so I am trying to limit the places I have to update by pointing all those other ones at Facebook (which this blog automatically copies too - yay!).
I was playing a lot of games on Facebook and doing all sort of poking, jumping, zombie fighting, playing word games and growing trees, but I have ruthlessly deleted and blocked all applications and now only look at photos and walls.

The reason for refusing to play Scrabble/give you a fish/find out which garden ornament I am? Time. Simply, I do not have the time.

After doing my accounts; updating my website and this blog; updating and checking on mates on Facebook and Twitter; writing the Secular Marriage Course (which is behind schedule again!); working on the Ruapeka website and updating various groups on Facebook and Bebo; checking emails on gmail, xtra, hotmail and yahoo (mine, home, Tareka and Ruapeka) I tend to find it's getting a bit late! I can only really sit down at the PC after 8pm which is when the kids are usually asleep, and that's only on the days Tareka is working. Once I've done all the above, it's usually close to 10pm and if I want to ever read another novel again I either log off then and read, or (more likely than not), spend some time on message boards talking to mates in the UK and around the world, then read by torchlight (so I don't disturb Tareka). I seem to be getting to sleep after midnight most nights.

Now, if I was even more ruthless, I could probably get to bed by 10pm, but then I miss out on that vital "me time" which keeps me from completely losing my sense of identity. I know couple of decent night's sleep will sort me out, so they tend to happen when Tareka is off-shift, but if we're away at the Marae (as we were this last off-shift) that doesn't happen at all!

So. If I ignore your virtual poke, or virtual pet rock, please don't be offended. , I am just trying to prioritise!

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