Thursday, November 20, 2008

All at once!

Why is it that just when I feel like I am getting on top of things, I get swamped again? I think I have a pathological need to do stuff constantly.

The house is all decorated, and now we're moving onto cleaning up the outside. It's really just weeding and edging to do now, so not too much to do. We have listed it privately on TradeMe and also with a Real Estate agent well known for selling houses in our area. We're listing at a pretty low price, which we were recommended to do seeing as how the market is so bad, so we have a good chance of selling within our timeframe (by the end of March 2009). We've also had an offer verbally accepted on a place in Waitakaruru - 5 acres, 4 bedrooms etc etc! We have to do a bit of to-ing and fro-ing with the paperwork, and then we have 15 days to get building and land inspections done. After that, once our place is sold we go unconditional! We could still lose it with all the conditions, but I'm not worried. There are loads more coming on the market that would suit us!

So, we listed our property today with the Real Estate agent, and she brought someone round this afternoon to look at it!! Talk about keen!

On top of that, I have been talking to our local Toy Library, and they are struggling for funding. Everything they applied for this year has been refused and they need at least $7200 per year to pay wages for the Library Co-ordinator, and rent. I wrote to our local paper asking if they would help me to launch an appeal to save them, thinking I wouldn't hear back very quickly, and they came back to me within the hour saying OK! So now I have to create an appeal to launch!! Bother!

Anyway, Tareka has just come back from his fishing trip and we have paperwork to sort before heading down to the Marae for the weekend!

I need a 48 hour day to get things done...

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