Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back again

At last, an evening to myself to catch up on my admin (see: online scrabble games) and write something in my blog!
I stopped looking after my friend's boys last week, and Mapera is missing them a bit. She is more demanding of my attention now, but she has also come on in leaps and bounds with her language development. We had the lady from PAFT visit, and Mapera went up to her while she was writing and asked "Are you finished with the pen? When you are finished I will have a turn" The lady was amazed! I felt like a bit of a smug parent then!

Mapera has also been testing boundaries this week. She is not a "naughty" child, but she likes to try and do something that is almost, but not quite, the opposite of what you have asked her to do (or not do). A typical exchange goes like this:

Mummy: Mapera, please sit down on the chair
Mapera: [standing] I just jump
Mummy: No jumping, sit DOWN please
Mapera: [kneeling] I just go on my knees like this
Mummy: Sit down properly on your bottom please
Mapera: [flinging herself across the sofa] woa!
Mummy: Sit down before I count to 3
Mapera: [looks at me to see if I mean it]
Mummy: ONE
Mapera: [kneeling]
Mummy: TWO
Mapera: [rolling about]
Mummy: THREE
Mapera promptly sits on her bottom just as Mummy reaches THREE and looks at me.


The 123 thing does work most of the time, but we always reach 3. Tareka has been known to count to 3 twice, but I soon corrected that! Daddy may have to go in the naughty corner for 34 minutes one day!

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was to keep myself on track with projects. I think I will have a look back at my original list and see where I am at....


littlehouse said...

Our kids should get together. They could swap 'ways to drive mommy mad' ideas...

I may need a pixi hood before Noah gets too old...
Can you send me some details of price etc?

Gracias :)


Louise said...

I reckon so! Kids are amazing really, how can something so small be so infuriating, and yet so astoundingly fabulous at the same time?!

I've dropped you a Facebook message about the hats :-)


Sarah said...

Heh heh heh. Send daddy to the corner! Just don't give him a know some guys like that. *gasp*