Sunday, March 23, 2008

Projects a-go-go!

Current list as of today:

  • Knitting - pixie hoods are now in "mass" production, and I am planning on setting up a website to sell them. Once the website is done, I will be heading up to the local maternity hospital with a business card, and poster!
  • Website - following on from above I have now purchased a domain name ($25 for the year, not bad) and am waiting to hear back from an NZ web hoster, who may be able to host a simple site for free for me! Woo! I am planning a simple catalogue sort of page, and people will have to email me their orders.
  • Scrapbooking - I have a "girls" album in progress for Mapera and Kaitereo, and I think the next page will be their Christmas photo.
  • Decorating - we're planning to sell up this place and move to somewhere bigger with more land. In order to do this, we need to finish the decorating on this house (which we have lived in for nearly 3 years and not done yet!). I insisted that we make a start so that we can possibly start looking for a new place at the end of this year. We've started stripping the wallpaper in the spare bedroom, and it's going to take a while!
The only other projects on are the new job I started, doing piece work for Black Magic Tackle. They send me out work orders for various lures or flies and I tie the hooks. Then they go back to Black Magic to be made into fishing rigs.

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Sarah said...

Wait, you're selling? Nooooo! I love your place!