Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a palaver!

Well, Kaitereo gave us quiet a fright last week. On Friday, the midwife saw her and said she was not happy with her cough, so we were to keep a close eye on her, and if she got any worse we should take her to hospital. She also said if Kaiterero changed colour at all, we had to call an ambulance.
On Saturday morning, Kaitereo had her feed, then started choking on the milk. She went purple, so I turned her on her side and patted her on the back to try and get her to cough it up. She vomitted up most of her feed and started to breathe again, but I had already sent Tareka to call the ambulance. The ambulance people were great, the operator kept me on the phone and kept checking on Kaitereo - who was breathing but very floppy - and the guys arrived after about 15 minutes.
They checked her over and decided she needed to go to hospital for observation, so off I went in the ambulance. We gave her oxygen on the way which perked her up a lot (thank goodness!), and the paramedic kept a close eye on her.
At the hospital the doctors and nurses took all her vitals and kept her under observation for a couple of hours, and gave her some saline drops to clear out her nose. We were sent home around lunchtime with instructions to keep putting the drops in her nose, sleep her sitting upright and keep a close eye on her. If her temperature rose, or if she had another apnoea attack we had to bring her straight back.
Sunday I still wasn't happy with how sleepy she was, so we got the emergency doctor out, and he reassured me that she was just sleeping off the illness, and her chest was clear.
It's been a week now, and she's improved 100%, she's waking up properly during the day and feeding like crazy (making up for lost time I suppose!), so I'm a lot happier.

This week, Tareka finished making Mapera's buggy board which she loves. She was unwilling to let Kaitereo use the buggy until we got her the board, now she wants to ride it all the time!


Anonymous said...

OMG honey! Hugs to you all, what a scare. Glad K is now on the mend.

Love to the 4 of you, Anna xx

Sarah said...


I love you!
I miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis you!!!