Thursday, September 20, 2007

A family of four

Well Kaitereo has been home almost 3 weeks now, and she's a great baby. She's been sleeping and eating well, but just developed bronchiolitis the poor lamb, so the nights are a little more disturbed.

Her big sister is loving having a baby in the house, and wants to cuddle and kiss her all the time. Mapera has even moved herself into her "big girl's bed" quite happily. She trundles into our room first thing, and asks if "Kai'to wake?". Last thing at night she says "ni-night Kai'to" - bless her!

I think we may also be starting to crack the potty training, as Mapera asked to go to the toilet today, and actually went (rather than just sitting there)!! Lots of praise and a big sticker for the chart there, so let's hope that continues too.

Project update:
I am being very good and sticking to getting my knitting finished. I have now mastered the Pixie hood, so I'm knitting up all the wool I have into cute kid's hats ready for our craft stall. I think one of my friends has bought me a knitting machine for my birthday, so I'm hoping I can make them on that too, which will speed up the process no end!

I also made a scrapped mini-album of Mapera and her Grandparents with a scrap-mad friend of mine, which was going to be a Christmas present, but I've sent it early instead as it was so nice, I couldn't wait to send it to them.

Tareka is off work for another week (apart from one day back on Monday), and although it's been great having him at home, we're both ready to get back into our old routines again. I think I'll manage OK with 2, seeing as Kaitereo is such a laid back baby (so far!). The only time that's going to pose a big challenge is bed time, as Tareka and I have each been putting one of the girls to bed, and I've not tried to get them both off by myself yet.

I've had a few hours at home alone with the 2 of them, and thank goodness for Mapera still having an afternoon nap! It's been a lot easier than I thought, but I know that'll change as soon as Kaitereo starts getting mobile (not for a while though, let's hope!).

Summer is sneaking up on us in between the wind gusts, and Mapera has another birthday party to go to tomorrow. I really need to try and cut back on the amount of crap food she eats at parties, as we had a crazy night last week after she had a whole morning of birthday parties, along with the crisps, sweets and iced biscuits that go with it. I remember having sandwiches, sausage rolls and vol-au-vents at birthday parties, with maybe jelly and ice cream if you were lucky. I think we only got a few sweets in the "going home bag", not piles of them on the lunch table, maybe I am mis-remembering, but I really don't think my and my friend's parents fed us anywhere near as much junk as kids get nowadays (god I sound old!!).

Oh yes, and I'm turning 30 in a month. I don't believe it, as I am really only 15 in my head, but it seems time is catching up with me. Do I have to be grown up and responsible now? I hope not, we're having a Middle Eastern themed party, and I demand belly dancers!

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Sarah said...

Too cute!
The whole thing!
Mapera saying goodnight to Kai and you wanting belly dancers!