Thursday, June 28, 2007

I think we've cracked it!

Well BabyM is back in her cot for day sleeps and it's worked a treat. She's sleeping properly during the day again, and the first night she had one short wake-up and last night she slept through HURRAH!

Updates on my projects:
Today is a day off, so I've been off to my craft group this morning, making a mosaic pot stand. It's looking really nice, and I'll be adding it to my stock list once I have a few other things to sell. I'm still working on a website and have found a free webhoster who can give me a address, which is fantastic. I'm knitting a pixie hood for BabyM and after that, I'll probably make a whole load of knitted toys as I have lots of oddments of wool that I want to use up.
I also need to finish the journalling in my latest scrapbook album, but I'm hoping to get together with some other scrappers and make an evening of it, so that can wait for a bit!
My fellow crafty friend, Liz, is back from her holidays now, so we're planning to get together soon and finish off painting some dough models we made. She's keen to have a stall at a market in the future, so we have a goal to build up a decent quantity of stock and start selling once the weather improves.

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