Monday, September 14, 2009

My baby's milestone

Kaitereo has been wanting to sit on the toilet for a while now, and while I always encouraged it, she never did anything, just sat like her sister and sang songs.

Tonight she asked to "go toilet" as usual just before bed, so off we trotted, and she sat down and did a big fart, which made us both laugh. Then she said "poos" so I said "are you going to do poos on the toilet like a big girl?" and she tried to do poos, but she ended up doing wees instead! Much cheering and celebrating followed, along with a BIG sticker for her potty.

Champion baby, her first mimi (wee) out of nappies and it's on the toilet like a big girl :) I hope this means she'll be out of nappies during the day by the time BabyDumpling arrives, it's not too much to hope for is it ?

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Sarah said...

You have been nominated for a creative blogger award. Because I think you are just spandangly!