Monday, September 7, 2009

Batts in the belfry

The windowsills are all done now, so the brickwork is done. The plumber has been in to start work on the bathrooms and toilets (you can see the little vent pipe sticking out of the roof above the ensuite). Pre-lining inspection will be happening on Wednesday, then the Gib board (plasterboard) will go on.

Internal doors have all been hung, nice double doors for the Master bedroom/playroom

The insulation you get here is called "Pink Batts" which caused me much confusion when people started talking about having "batts in your roof". The green stuff is sound-proofing batts which we have put up between the living area and bedrooms, the pink stuff just goes in the exterior walls and in the ceiling (except where you run out of green stuff and stick pink stuff in instead!!)

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