Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life with 4 children?

Yesterday my darling friend Jude was sick, so I looked after her 2 kids for the morning. Cheyenne is 3, and Kiowa is 1, so with my two being 2 and 7 weeks, I had quite a brood! I borrowed Jude's van as there was no way they would all fit in my car, and bless them, they were little angels. We went to music (where I danced around at the front as usual), then went home and played in the garden til lunch time.

I learned a lot about negotiation, and as long as Mapera was copying Cheyenne she was happy. Kiowa had a great time just pushing a trolley around the garden, and he danced all the way through lunch! I don't think I could cope with 4 so close together in age, but it got me thinking about the idea of having another 2 later on. Maybe once Mapera is at Kindy. I think I'd cope, but it means I'd have to go through childbirth twice more...argh! Anyone got any tips on increasing the chance of having twins? If I had twins, I could have a c-section and get Tareka to stay home while I recover from the operation - woo!

Mind you, while Mapera still has an afternoon sleep, I do get a few hours a day when they are both sleeping, so that probably wouldn't happen if I had more kids!

Ask me again in about 12 months...

Christmas cards are just about done, I just have to add a star to the ones with Christmas trees on. I have a few Pixie hoods to sell, but I don't have enough fabric to make bonnets yet, and to be honest the patterns look a bit confusing, so I may rope Mum into helping me with the first one to see how hard they are.
Liz has a load of stuff to sell, apparently. We still have more re-usable gift wrap to make, and I need to print out some posters and price lists with our new logo on! Will probably post again once we've done our first market, wish me luck!

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