Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A bit of R&R

My lovely mother has been with us since 17th July, and I tell you, it's bliss. I've hardly had to do anything around the house, BabyM is constantly entertained and is saying loads more words, and the freezer is gradually filling with family-sized meals in preparation for the arrival of BabyLentil.

Project Update

  • Scrapbooking - still got the journalling to finish on this, probably won't get round to it until after Mum's gone.
  • Mainly Music program - ALL DONE! Animal theme and Father's Day themed programs are recorded and in the folder all ready for use, we've done the Animal songs for a couple of weeks now, and the kids are loving the new ones!
  • Great Lakes Tournament Market - this is going very slowly, but we've had a couple of confirmed bookings.
  • Knitting - Current finger puppets are yellow chicks, I'm knitting the body/head and then going to make wings from feathers and beaks from felt, and probably stick googly eyes on.
  • Photography - nothing done on this yet
  • Website - I'm going to build up my stock first, then get this finished and online once I have something to use it for!
  • Bubs Bulletin - Still on hold til other projects done
  • Toy Library AGM - I really must set the date for this. I need to give people a months notice, so I've got til mid August really.
  • SIL window sign -Two coats done, I just need to take off the stencils and tidy up any rough edges.

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