Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yes for a day

I spend a fair amount of time saying “no” to my kids;
“can I play in the mud in my party dress?”
“can I tie this to my little brother?”
“can we have cake and lollies for dinner?”

I read somewhere that a Mum tried saying yes to her 4yr old for a week, I think that’s a little excessive, but I thought I might try it for one day.  I’m going to go for Sunday (because I’m already half-way through Saturday) and I am going to set a few rules.  Feel free to join me!

Rule 1 – Don’t tell the children
The idea is to see what they do when you start saying yes.  If you tell them you’re going to do it they will immediately start asking for everything and it won’t be as much fun.  Or easy to do.

Rule 2 – it has to be possible
Anything that is prohibitively expensive, physically impossible or dangerous is off-limits.  Everything else, well use common sense people.

Rule 3 – timescale
A day lasts from normal getting up time (7am in our house) to normal bedtime (7pm).

If this works out I may well do it again.  I will take pictures and post all about the results once it’s all over.


austingurl said...

some one been reading littlies? I may try this next week when all three of the little hellions are here.

Shackleford Hurtmore said...

This is an awesome idea for other people to do with their kids. Please tell us how it goes.