Monday, June 20, 2011

The solemn business of naming your chicken

We recently purchased 6 shiny new chickens as part of our plan to grow our own food.  As there are 5 of us, we let the children each name a chicken, and Tareka named one.

I decided to turn to the internet for help with naming mine, and the 6th chicken who was also nameless.  I posted on Facebook and Ravelry (asking b3tans would just get an outpouring of abuse and offensive words that I could NOT let my children use, even if talking about chickens).

I ended up with a few choices I could not decide between, so I put it to the vote and have decided arbitrarily that today is the day the names get picked.

SOoooooo, ladies and gentlemen I give you
Barbie Sparkles

Big John


Pirate Chicken (yes she has a wonky neck, but she is fine)

Hennibal Peckter

Mother Clucker

So far they have given us at least 2 eggs a day since we got them, and they have only just started.  They are also getting used to the kids chasing them around and trying to catch them.  We will keep them in the pen for another week, then they will be allowed free range of the land, and only be locked in at night.


Eunice said...

Hello! I found your blog, thanks to that one about the five foot metal chicken. You know the one I mean!

I used to live in NZ (Rotorua) in the 1970's. I live in Wales now and I have 6 hens. My latest batch of four are named Daisy, Buttercup, Clover and Rose. My first four were named after "Firefly" characters; Kaylee, River, Zoe and Inara. Naming hens is a very serious business! Anyway, nice to have "met" you!

Anonymous said...

You need to buy a peacock to defend the chickens next. Think of the awesome things you could name him. If you do this, let me know how it goes because peacock protection is totally what I'm doing whenever I get my own chickens (either that or a mini donkey).

Dawn Marie said...

lol, I found you through the same blog as Eunice! I like your chickens names. I'm sure the peacock would be a great protection, but they get very loud. So, if you have angry neighbors that get real pissy at not being able to sleep, they might try to cause harm to said peacock.

Mrs. Tuna said...

I'm thinking they all look the same to me. I was once held hostage for geese in my car for over an hour.

Quiltin' Jenny said...

I'm here with Eunice and Dawn Marie. A good title for a blog post is a beautiful thing, right?

I wish we could have chickens, but we have an HOA instead. I'm in the process of getting them to approve black and white paint, which still might take up to 30 days. Sigh.

I also want to get the kudzu eating goats to come visit, but I don't think that's going to be allowed either.

Louise said...

Wow loads of visitors!! Thank you so much for dropping in.
I will reply properly later, I'm not really here.