Thursday, March 17, 2011

I have nothing to say

I’ve been trying to think of something to write for this week’s blog post, and I seem to have run out of ideas for once.

In order to keep on top of the boring, everyday stuff, I have been trying very hard to follow my list of Daily Reminders, before I even attempt to get onto anything fun or otherwise mentally stimulating, but I have been getting distracted by The Wonders of the Internet instead.

I have discovered I can now Tweet by mobile phone, and as my Twitter account is generally dedicated to the MadStuffKidsSay I will be spending all my credit recording the bizarre things my children say to me when we are in the car on the way to somewhere else (I don’t text and drive though, you’ll be pleased to read).

I have also been inspired to complete the latest knitting project (a wolf suit for a baby called Max.  He’s called MAX, he NEEDS a wolf suit), as I have a brilliant new offer to make knitted genitalia for a lovely woman I have met online, thanks to being distracted by the Wonder of the Internet that is The Bloggess.

Now it was Whoopee who got me into The Bloggess, and now Whoopee has been posting again, after a terrible drought in her brilliant musings, so I have been constantly checking her site for updates.

I have also been getting up a little bit earlier, and putting on make-up before I go out.  I think I am either growing up finally, or heading for a mid-life crisis.  I am leaning towards the mid-life crisis, because then I can justify becoming completely obsessed with a Maori Boy Band and FaceStalking them constantly.

I have been diligently taking a photo a day for my Project 365, but due to using up all my allocated broadbands watching Icky Sticky, I may have to upload all the rest of my March photos in April.

I have also been failing to do anything for the PTA but stubbornly Not Feeling Guilty about it.  I have been using my Wise Brain to point out to my Emotional Wreck Brain that my children will be at that school for the next 12 years, so there is plenty of time for me to get involved later on.  The same goes for Kindy and we haven’t even started there yet.

I think my psychology sessions have worked extremely well.  I am getting much better at being honest about whether or not I can help people out, and have not been volunteering quite so readily.  I have also been making myself let other people get on with stuff, and just offering the help if I know I can realistically do something, rather than taking on everything then failing spectacularly to do anything at all and then beating myself up for being rubbish.

In other news we got a pig.  It’s called Hamlet Sausage and it was last seen walking down Proctor Road heading for Hamilton; if you spot it, please let me know.

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