Monday, October 18, 2010


Since Mapera started school, I have been really enjoying discovering what she is good at and what she enjoys doing.  I am hoping that by being interested in her homework and giving lots of encouragement and praise for her efforts, I will instill a better work and study ethic that I ever had.  Time will tell I suppose, I don't recall starting to slack off really badly til I hit about 16, so we've got a way to go yet.  I am adamant that we will not be getting a television any time soon either, as I am sure it's a big reason why Mapera and her sister are so bright and quick to learn.

Kaitereo has been using astonishingly grown-up language for a 3 year old.  She gets tenses, context and meaning correct more often than her sister, which astounds me.  Only recently she said something along the lines of "we bought something similar to that yesterday".  I keep forgetting that she is only 3, and I often find myself expecting too much from her, and have to reign myself in.

Hakopa is starting to develop a personality now, too.  He's very vocal if you take something off him that he was playing with, or even if you take away something he was looking at.  He lets you know in no uncertain terms when he has had enough of being on the floor and wants to be picked up, and he has a sign for "hungry" that he seems to have invented.  He makes grabbing motions with his hands when he wants food, even if he is lying on his back in the cot.


I've just read that back and I sound like one of those terrible parents who claim that their children are gifted, when really they are spoilt little shits.  I can't help it, I think all my kids are geniuses (should that be genii, or is that just the big blue fella out of Aladdin?)


I wrote recently that my ovaries are clamouring for another child, but I am resisting due to not wishing to subject myself to pregnancy and labour again.  I have been thinking about it in practical terms: do I actually want another child?  Would I mind if it was another girl, and not a boy?  Do I feel like there is someone missing at the table when we all sit down together?
I think my main problem is that I have a feeling of being lopsided with 3 children.  Odd numbers don't seem to sit well with me, I like things to balance out and line up.  I used to eat satsumas by lining up the segments in 2 rows, and in size order; I'd get annoyed if there were more or less than 10 segments, as it usually meant one side was longer (it seems that 10 is the most common number of segments in a satsuma).
I was playing with Hakopa today, making him laugh and trying to get him to say "bum" and I thought about whether I wanted to do all this again, and I think not.  I think I am ready to watch my kids grow up now.

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Jules said...

Genius was obviously originally a Latin word. Genii is the correct form of the Latin plural. Which, when anglicized, is geniuses. So either is correct.
Mum X