Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Yes yes, I know everyone gets all excited and makes these, only to collapse in a quivering heap by the 11th January going "it's so HARD", but there you go. I WILL DO THESE THINGS! You lot can hold me to it. In fact, please do, the more people I have to 'fess up to if I don't do this, the more likely I am to keep going.

  1. Learn to run - I will do this through a program called "couch to 5k" which claims to be able to get me from a lazy lard-bucket to a 5k fun-runner in 3 months. I am giving myself until the end of April to hit the golden 5k, then I am intending to keep running that 5k at least once a week, and aim for 3 times a week where possible. I am on the lookout for a cheap second-hand treadmill so I can continue this no matter what the weather does.
  2. Relax about food and learn to love my body - this will be achieved through a strict diet of self-approval and hypnosis, courtesy of Paul McKenna. It worked for my GORGEOUS bridesmaid, so I reckon it'll work for me. I am listening to the CD every night and have a little picture from MyVirtualModel which shows how I'll look at my ideal weight which is my motivation and positive thinking tool.

That's it.

ONLY 2? Yes, only 2, and I will be sticking to these babies, just watch me GO!

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Sarah said...

YAY! I made about five.
I forgot to blog them.
You've just reminded me to.

Goooooooood LUCK my love!!!