Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back on board

Quick update, more to come:

  • Back from 5 days away with Omi and Opi
  • Kaitereo over 1 chest infection, but might have another :(
  • Mapera behaving like an angel thanks to Mummy's new techniques - thank you Diane Levy!
  • Kaitereo now with 6 teeth and confirmed hands and knees forward motion!



Sarah said...

SO GLAD I checked in!
So beautiful!
I love these photos!

Smoosh! Smoosh! Smoosh!

littlehouse said...

ooohhhh, techniques.... do tell?? :)

Louise said...

Mainly dealing with tantrums a whole new way. It's all in the book "Of course I love you now go to your room" by Diane Levy.

I tend to try and either distract or explain, and now I am simply affirming how Mapera is feeling, finding out why she is angry/sad/frustrated and giving her either support (a hug), or some time to calm down in her room. She is not spending anywhere near as much time in the naughty corner and she is solving a lot of her own issues very well. I'm also getting a lot more cuddles!

Sarah said...

Louise is acer. ;)