Sunday, June 1, 2008

Awww my babies are growing up

Mapera has been telling us interesting stories. I am constantly amazing how she absorbs information from the world around her, and turns it into something new.
Today she told Daddy that she was in the naughty corner on the bus, because she was "smoking a fag". I laughed so hard I nearly cried!! We've told her that Nana is naughty for smoking; she's been for a ride on a bus; the naughty corner is a severe punishment; but I would swear blind I've never said "fag" to her! Where do they get it from?

Kaitereo finally got her 2 bottom teeth, they popped through within hours of each other. She had 1 in the morning when she got up and number 2 appeared just after lunch. Big relief all round.

She's also learned to wave:

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Sarah said...


I'm waving back backwards!
I'm waving back backwards!!