Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day in New Zealand, and America I think. I joked to Tareka that he could make me a card while he was on night shift. I half-expected him to make me a little card, but I NEVER expected what he did do.
Remember, he finished work around 2am and got in around 3am

Table set for breakfast for me and the girls

Little note letting me know where to find the food.

Hand made card

Enough pikelets to feed a small village!!

Yes he had come home from work at 3am and cooked me and my babies pikelets, then set the table and arranged everything so all I'd have to do when I got up was boil the kettle for my cup of coffee.

I think I'm falling in love all over again :)


Anonymous said...


Sarah said...

I kid you not.
I teared up reading this.


Tell him he's a keeper!
And then give me a pikelet! *laughs*

Sarah said...

Oh, no, seriously!
I came back and teared up AGAIN!

*slaps face*

littlehouse said...

now I think I'm falling in love....